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more pics + birth story

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First bottle, 3 weeks It seems like more than three weeks ago that Melina joined us in this world. She’s such an integral part of our lives now! She’s also growing like crazy: at her two-week doctor appointment she was already almost nine pounds, and 75th percentile for weight, 90th percentile for length (not sure where she gets the height – Joey and I are both on the small side of average!) Last night she took her first bottle of breast milk and was even able to hold onto it herself. Crazy. She also likes being held in her kangaroo pouch sling. In fact she’s in it right now, sleeping as I type.

I’ve been wanting for a while to write about Melina’s birth in a bit more detail. Here goes…

Birth Story

Sleeping, 16 days My water broke at 7:30am on May 31. The on-call doctor wanted me to come in immediately because of risk of infection, but my contractions hadn’t started yet and I didn’t want to be induced, so we held out at home until late afternoon. By the time we were admitted I was finally having irregular contractions, but they didn’t want to check my dilation – again, because of risk of infection.

We proceeded with our planned hypnobirth through the night, or for the first 18 hours or so of my labor. No drugs, low lighting, lots of visualizations and working to breath through the contractions and relax (even sleep) between them. Raycer & Melina At some point in the wee hours of the morn, the contractions became much more intense (I suddenly had this incredible urge to PUSH), though still 7-8 minutes apart. My own doc came on call the next morning (yay!) and said that with such a long contraction interval she wouldn’t be surprised if I was only 2 cm dilated (sigh). When she checked, the good but surprising news was that I was 8 cm! Even so, she warned that with the long interval I would likely be in labor another 20 hours without the aid of Pitocin to move the contractions along.

Long legs, 12 days At this point I was exhausted yet incredibly excited about finally meeting my baby. With great clarity, I decided that the best thing for me, the little one, and Joey would be to start the Pitocin drip (to speed up delivery) and also to get an epidural (to allow me the rest I would need in order to be more fully present for delivery and for bonding after birth).

All dressed up, 12 days WOW. Within 15 minutes of receiving the epidural I was pain-free, chatting up a storm, and eventually able to nap. I flew through the remaining labor, and by the time they partially cut the epidural for delivery I was so excited to reach the finish line that three hours of pushing barely phased me.

Melina’s arrival wasn’t exactly the birth we had planned (is it ever?) but it was one of the most amazing and beautiful experiences I’ve ever had. In the end I was glad I had both the natural and “epiduralized” versions. Even immediately following 27-plus hours of labor, I was in awe of how perfect it all had been. How could it not be? It resulted in our beautiful baby girl, born at 4:55pm on June 1.

visits & outings

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Cousins (Melina 1 week, twins 16 months)Melina and the rest of us continue to do well. We’ve enjoyed all the visits and the tasty treats folks have brought us! Melina especially enjoyed meeting her twin cousins, Lucas and Noah, who are now 16 months. Look how big they are compared to her.

Cousins & Sisters (Moms) On Saturday we took Melina on her first non-doctor outing, to Andronico’s supermarket. She slept through the entire adventure.

Today the three of us strolled along College Ave in Rockridge, I like to sleep like this and mommy and daddy even got to enjoy a latte and a bit of reading at an outdoor cafe. Pure heaven with her sleeping in her stroller next to us!

Finally, here’s a shot of her in her favorite post-feeding position: sleeping with her chin propped on her little fist.

welcome home, melina!

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One week(ish) update

milk_coma2.jpgMelina turns one week old tomorrow, yet somehow it feels like she’s been a part of our lives for much longer. Like all newborns, she likes to eat, sleep, poop, and be held. She’s definitely more of a sleeper and cuddler/nuzzler than an eater, though. big_eyes.jpgShe falls asleep at my breast as soon as she’s the tiniest bit satisfied, and we need to poke her gently and tickle her to remind her to keep sucking. She also hated sleeping on her back the first few nights, likes to be swaddled but with her arms free, and has HUGE flat feet (those are from Joey!). Seriously, her newborn socks are about half the size of her feet. No wonder she was constantly kicking my ribs in utero!

smiling_w_momdad.jpgEnjoy the new pics. I’m also posting Melina’s birth announcement email below. Thank you everyone for your heartfelt congrats (I’ve posted them in the Comment below!) – we’ll get back to you individually soon.

I’ll also write more about my birth experience as soon as I have some time (haha). Btw, mommy and daddy are doing fine if a bit sleep deprived :) We’re up for short visits, just call or email first.

Melina’s birth announcement email

Hi everyone,

healthysleep_baby_grandpa.jpgMy name is Melina Azul Rapoza. Mommy and daddy decided to name me this because my initials spell out MAR which means ocean or sea in Spanish, just like my big brother’s name means ocean or sea in Hawaiian.

I was born at 4:55 PM on June 1st, 2007. I was a hefty 8 pounds, 5 ounces and 21 inches long!

Grandma and Grandpa WeissI gave mommy a tough time because she was in labor for about 27 hours. Daddy says she’s doing fine though.

Mommy’s water broke at 7:30 AM on May 31st and the three of us just hung out at home until about 3:30 PM. Mommy had some cramping but no major pains.

With mommy & daddy, just after birthMommy and daddy arrived at the hospital at around 4 PM on May 31st, but I decided to wait a full day to actually come out. I was real comfy in mommy and she always ate yummy food.

Now that I’m here, the outside world doesn’t seem all that bad. I sleep a lot and make little squeaky noises every now and then.

Grandma and Grandpa Weiss were also there in the labor room when I came out so they got quite a treat. I saw big brother Kai within an hour of being born. He likes to hold me and I like to be held.

Melina & big bro Kai, around 12 hours oldDaddy is typing this for me (my fingers are still too small and all the letters look the same) so I apologize if he forgets to tell you something or forgets to include someone important on the email list.

I’m sending a few pictures so you know how to recognize me when you come and visit. Mommy and daddy will post more pictures on mommy’s blog when they get home from the hospital which will probably be during the afternoon on Sunday the 3rd.

I'm awake! A few hours oldI look forward to meeting you and being held by you.


Melina Azul Rapoza
Age: 1 day

Melina Azul Rapoza

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Melina Azul Rapoza

Birthday: June 1st, 2007
Weight: 8 lbs, 5 ounces
Length: 21 inches
Age: about 3 minutes young

More Later…