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bunk beds

Posted by lynn on 16 Sep 2009 | Tagged as: kai, melina

Bunk BedsWe now have an official big kid room, complete with bunk beds. I don’t know that we (mom and dad) were quite ready, but a friend’s neighbor was rearranging her own house and gave us a good deal on top quality beds that match the room perfectly.

Melina’s initial reaction: “That Kai’s bed” (points to bottom bunk) “That Mina’s bed” (points to top). Um, sorry babe. She quickly got over it and loves her large cave, full of her favorite stuffed animals and dolls.

Kai’s initial reaction: “Awesome!” (climbs up and starts bouncing around on top bunk). Us: “Kai, here’s the rule: You’re only allowed on the top bunk at night, when you’re sleeping. You’ll have to play down here.” Kai: “Whaaaat?” He’s a little less thrilled now.

Sleeping in it: The first night, Meli asked to go back into her crib after trying to settle down for an hour. But she’s now made it three full nights in the bottom bunk, without so much as a peep. The problem comes in the morning, when she inevitably stumbles and bonks her head when climbing down in her super-groggy morning state. She’ll learn.

capitola with cousins

Posted by lynn on 06 Sep 2009 | Tagged as: family, melina, travel

Acting Silly w/ Noah & Lucas

Noah and Melina

Last Sunday we headed down to Capitola to spend the day with Grandma and Grandpa plus cousins Lucas and Noah and family. (The Hams were spending a few nights in a condo, but unfortunately we had to get back to work. Next year we’ll plan to stay a few nights.)

Beach w/ Mama

Helping Daddy w/ Beach Bag

Though only one day, it was a glorious getaway. The weather was absolutely perfect, with a bright blue sky and light breeze. We got to sit on the beach and play in the sand during the early afternoon. A thick mass of stinky, fly-filled seaweed along the surf made water play a little daunting, but we did walk the kids up to watch the waves. Only Noah chose to dip his toes in.

Ice Cream 1

Ice Cream 2

Then we headed to our favorite ice cream spot on the corner of Capitola’s main drag. All three kids got mini cones w/ chocolate, and I tried yet another cinnamon variation: coconut cinnamon. YUM! We topped off the evening with pizza from Pizza My Heart and a little more play with Lucas and Noah, then jammied up the little girl and drove back to Berkeley. As a side note, Melina had huge potty success: Dry panties and a dry swimsuit (sans swim diaper) all weekend long!

The cousins all had fun together. Just watch all the silliness.