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roly poly girl

Posted by lynn on 23 Jul 2010 | Tagged as: nalani

Right on queue at three months, Nalani rolled from belly to back for the first time the other day. And then she did it a few more times, right in a row, just for kicks. I got several rolls on video but when I set her on her belly that evening to show off for Daddy and Melina, she just looked up at them, smiled, then put her head down as if to say “Sorry, I’m too tired to perform.”

are you the boss?

Posted by lynn on 18 Jul 2010 | Tagged as: nalani

This afternoon we made chocolate chip cookies for Joey’s birthday. Joey set Nalani on the counter to watch and said, “Are you the boss?” She started busting up. Her laughs are a little hard to hear over her brother and sister’s goading, but they’re definitely full-body bursts of happiness.

happy three months, nalani!

Posted by lynn on 14 Jul 2010 | Tagged as: nalani

three months today!

sisters fourth

When Melina heard Nalani had her three-month birthday today, she wanted to give her a present to open and cake with candles to blow out. (She would do the opening and blowing out, of course, being the three-YEAR-old!) We didn’t celebrate in such grand style, but have been celebrating the small moments for the past week or two, when our baby girl seemed to fully wake up to the world.

stroller tongue

play gym

She now smiles incessantly when watching someone else’s face (it’s her favorite passtime) and loves to talk to us, make razzing sounds, and blow bubbles. Just today under her play gym she seemed to notice for the first time that she could bat at something with her own fists. I don’t think she gets the intention yet, but it was fun to watch her notice cause-and-effect right before her eyes.


tummy drool

Nalani has had full neck control for a week or two now, and she’s started rolling to her side from either her belly or her back – but hasn’t made it all the way over in either direction quite yet. She’s started rejecting mama’s sling and even facing inward in the Baby Bjorn unless she’s ready for a nap. She loves facing outward, though, and has started taking in the rustling leaves and passing world as we go on daily walks with her stroller.

sisters chair

stroller bear

She sleeps “through the night” consistently by the technical definition of five straight hours. But sometimes those hours are from 7:30pm to 12:30am. More often she’ll sleep til 2am, and sometimes all the way til 4 or 5am without waking. Looking forward to that becoming the norm.

My favorite Nalani development of the last month is her absolute insistence on telling us when she’s ready for jammies, swaddle, milk, and bed each night. She literally requests bedtime with her squawks around 7pm, so consistently we have to laugh. While I hate to compare, it’s a sharp contrast to Melina, who eases into each night (or more recently, fights bedtime til she’s good and wound down). I don’t think we’re going to be able to push Nalani with evenings out and about the way we’ve been able to push Melina. But on the plus side I’m guessing we’ll know exactly what she needs, and when.

nalani’s 8 week photo shoot

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Last month we had another family photo shoot, this one to highlight our newest family member. By the end Kai made it very clear that he wouldn’t be interested in doing another shoot anytime in the near future, but he and Melina were both good enough sports to get some great shots.



For her part, Nalani went through a fairly normal infant cycle during the two hours Myron was with us. She started off a little fussy, hot, and hungry, then after I nursed her she fell asleep. By the end she was wide awake and all smiles. You can see the progression in the photos.

Three Heads

Kids in Grass

Of course we’re now three weeks out from the photo shoot and Nalani has woken up more completely to the world. She has full neck control and long spurts of awake time. Her favorite activity is to look at people’s faces, and we like to think she prefers mama and dada’s.

Melina Swing

Kai Swing

Kai has discovered the joy of reading with the “Captain Underpants” series and the Berkeley public library’s summer reading challenge. Whatever it takes to get him reading, I’ll take it! Melina is getting ready to move to the transition room at preschool, where potty-trained 3-year-olds get ready for a wee bit more learning structure.

Family of Four

Family of Five

She’s also starting to get a stronger grasp of her family structure, taking it at face value that sometimes Kai’s with us and sometimes he’s with Jen. The other day she got super excited when she found out “all our family” was going to be together after school. Then she said “But Jen won’t have all of her family.” True… but we’re still a complete family in our own way even when Kai’s not with us. Strange concept to take in for an adult let alone a three-year-old, but it’s important to feel complete no matter who’s physically in what house on any given night.