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pumpkin time

Posted by lynn on 17 Oct 2010 | Tagged as: family, friends, kai, melina, nalani

family pumpkins

nali pumpkin

A few weeks ago our Pleasanton friends invited us to join them for a day of pumpkins and wine in the Livermore Valley. Pumpkin picking, a hay maze, and a big corn box (think sand box but with dried corn instead) in the morn, followed by a picnic lunch and winetasting at our favorite family-friendly vineyard, Boa Ventura.

melina kai smiles


We almost cancelled because of all the move craziness, but wisely opted for a full day of fun instead. We need to have the same attitude about our pre-planned trip to Hawaii at the end of the week. As my mom mentioned the other day, the boxes will still be here, waiting patiently to be unpacked when we return.

happy half birthday, nalani!

Posted by lynn on 16 Oct 2010 | Tagged as: nalani

new room


Our baby girl is six months old! Melina is still a little confused about half birthdays (she calls them “other birthdays”) but helped Nalani celebrate in style. She wanted her to have a flower cake and pineapple pinata, complete with a party, but settled for an orange frosted cupcake from a local bakery (for Melina and Kai to eat, not Nalani) and a round of “happy half birthday to you” as Nalani broke in her new (to her) high chair.



Six months feels like a big deal. Nalani is sitting up for long stints on her own (though better when backed by a pillow or boppy), and is happiest when upright instead of flapping around on her back. She sometimes topples forward but doesn’t mind at all. She pulls herself into a bona fide tummy time and looks like she’s ready to crawl, something you can tell she wants eagerly to do but can’t quite manage. She rolls both ways but not very often, maybe because she’s a super-chill babe who’s content to hang, babble, and play in whatever position she’s landed in.


pumkin kids

She seems to grow by leaps and bounds daily. She grabs her own toys out of her toy basket when it’s propped in front of her, grabs at whoever’s hair or necklace is in reach, and will pick up a toy that’s fallen out of her hands. She also gets frustrated when a ball rolls out of reach, and downright mad when she’s feeling social and left alone (or facing backwards in the car when she’s not in the mood).

carrot spoon

carrot smile

She babbles quite a bit and at times quite loudly. Yet her morning wake-up coos are soft and adorable, sounding a lot like she’s saying “hi” over and over. She loves making big, wet raspberry sounds and sometimes will entertain herself with these for a good 15 minutes. Her own toes still provide endless entertainment, too.


yucky cereal

We gave Nalani her first taste of rice cereal at a little over five months. She wasn’t quite sure what to make of it. We tried sweet potatoes next, and she knew exactly what to do with that: Spit it out! After a few false starts she finally found her eating groove with carrots. And then peas, avocado, and banana. We haven’t tried sweet potatoes again… yet. We’ll see if she ever turns into the foodie that her sis has always been.