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happy 10 months, nalani!

Posted by lynn on 14 Feb 2011 | Tagged as: nalani

Here’s what our littlest girl has been up to the past month:



Move. Nalani loves to stand. She pulls up on just about anything – including a lightweight barstool in our kitchen that toppled over last week when Mama wasn’t looking. The barstool landed upside-down and Nalani flat on her back, screaming. Luckily neither one is any worse for wear.

She started cruising the smaller tables at daycare several weeks ago, and our coffee table at home in the past week. She takes small, cautious steps and usually only in the direction of an object (like the remote) she wants.


She’s been a pro crawler for a while, and has gotten curious (and fast) enough for us to put baby gates at the bottom and top of the big flight of stairs. We haven’t yet figured out how best to babyproof the three steps between the kitchen and family room, or even if we really need to.

Eat. Nalani’s big development of the month: She can feed herself finger food! Favorites include turkey and salmon (we have another protein girl) and bananas. She also enjoys pita bread, sliced pear, beans, noodles, and best of all, pizza.

i love pizza


Sleep. Nalani is now a pro night sleeper. Well, except when she’s not. For the past few months she’ll do a full 12-13 hour stretch at night (from around 7:30pm to 8am) over half the nights of the week. But then other nights she wakes up starving at either midnight or 4am, or every so often both.

We’re still thrilled that the majority of nights give all of us real sleep. The flip side is she still doesn’t nap well unless she’s in motion or in the Ergo worn by one of us. With the solid night sleeping, we don’t really care – yet.



Play + Interact. Nalani has reached the age where she needs solid sessions of play time. Or at the very least, floor and face time. She loves blocks (banging them together), books (pulling them off a shelf) and has recently found a passion for boxes of tissue (pulling sheets out one at a time, and most often putting them in her mouth).

She waves bye bye when she sees someone getting ready to leave, and her face lights up when she sees someone she knows. She seems to recognize the word “banana” and even says “ba” when she sees one. It may be standard baby babble — she also says things like “da,” “ma,” and “blar blar,” but never when a banana is near!