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long weekend

Posted by lynn on 29 May 2012 | Tagged as: family, friends

We didn’t initially have many plans for Memorial Day weekend, but somehow managed to pack it full of fun.



After a lazy Saturday with the kids, a semi-planned bike ride with the Beelers morphed into an impromptu dance party and dinner at their place.
Bjorn had put together a karaoke system for Emma’s Grease party next week and we all had fun trying it out, plus chatting and playing over food and drinks. The kids had such a blast that on the way out Kai and Melina declared, “This was even more fun than hanging out with our cousins tomorrow!”



By the time “tomorrow” was over, I think they’d have called it a tie, though I didn’t think to ask. We spent all day Sunday with the Ham clan plus Grandma and Grandpa Weiss. We finally took the twins – who adored trains all through their preschool years – on the steam train up at Tilden. Now that they’re six they’re not quite such train fanatics, but everyone enjoyed the ride. We rounded out the day with plenty of play and a big BBQ back at our place.



On Sunday we had a visit from my Aunt Sharon and Uncle Ray, who stopped by to deliver Melina and Nalani’s birthday present (a cloth doll house) and to see the girls for the first time in almost a year. Both girls were in full “entertain the new people” mode, showing off artwork, stuffed animals, and a good dose of silliness.



In between family and friends, I managed to plant some new basil with Nalani’s “help,” and to start to pull things together for Melina’s birthday party in the park next Sunday. I even baked some practice cupcakes using Anna’s Swedish recipe converted from metric measures, then thought better of making a cake for 50-odd people and found a bakery to order it from instead. But that’s next week’s story.

see monkey dance

Posted by lynn on 25 May 2012 | Tagged as: melina, nalani

The other week I caught Melina choreographing her own dance and Nalani copying her every move…. until the laundry pile distracted her.