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happy sixth, melina!

Posted by lynn on 02 Jun 2013 | Tagged as: melina

Big 6


Our first baby turned six yesterday! She and I started the celebration Friday right after school, with a cafe treat and a pedicures followed by a trip to our new library with sis. In the process of trading pink for gold as her favorite color, Melina opted for a pink-gold pattern on both fingers and toes. She also got to pick out a balloon from the party store: a big gold 6 with pink ribbons!



Saturday was both her birthday and birthday party day. (At first this fact disappointed her – she likes to spread things out – but she soon saw the beauty of all that concentrated attention.) She decided to have an ice cream party at Fentons Creamery and invited friends from school, her after school program, the neighborhood, and of course Lily and Emma.



We had a blast! The kids got to color, eat lunch, chat, watch ice cream being made, then pick their very own flavor from the big display at the front. We had most the back room to ourselves so didn’t really bother anyone else with our party noise.

In the evening Kai returned from Mosaic camp and joined us for Melina’s birthday dinner. At first she wanted to go out, but at the last minute opted for a pizza and movie night (Wizard of Oz) followed by her lemon birthday tart. Yummy fun. Happy birthday to my girl!