Baby girl just turned three, which means she’s really chatty, loves to tell full-on stories, and is saying things how she hears them. Here are just a few fun examples from the past couple months.



Nalani is now tuned into the fact that she, like most of us, has a first, middle, and last name. Or in her case a nickname squeezed in there too. See, like this: Nalani Poppers Umbrella Rapoza

When Nalani really wants something but is feeling diplomatic, she’ll just look at us after our “no” and politely respond, “Say yes Mama (or Dada). Say YES.” We usually just laugh and say “Nice try, but no.” She’ll try again a few more times but eventually will laugh herself and move on.



When she tells stories (which is often) she’s always sure to end them with “and that’s the end.”

Before Mina’s recent performance, Nalani ran up to tell her preschool teacher: “We’re going to sister’s forest!

Recently she came up to me looking really sad and holding a book in her hand.
“What’s wrong, Nali?”
The book bited me.”
I looked at her finger and she had a paper cut.



When she woke up congested and unable to breath well from a really bad cold, she pointed to her nose and said “I want you to open this.” Poor girl.

The elevator and escalator are both “alligators.”

And finally (at least for this list), grilled cheese is “gorilla cheese.”

We celebrated Nalani turning three with a brunch at our house – complete with a pinata and pin the horn on the unicorn. Happy belated birthday, Poppers!